Covid-19 Transmission Reduction Scheme

It has been widely publicised recently that temporary agency staff have played a part in the transmission of COVID-19 between care facilities. 

Our COVID-19 Transmission Reduction Scheme is aimed at tackling that.

Here’s an overview of the steps we are taking to support our clients and our agency staff during this- and any future pandemic.

All Our Agency Workers…

  • Can cane assigned exclusively to one place of work
  • Are double vaccinated & boosters
  • Undergo regularly testing
  • Actively participate in Track and Trace
  • Are provided PPE to wear (unless you wish them to wear yours)
  • Wear company uniforms
  • Receive Pandemic Sick Pay should a worker contract COVID-19*

Pandemic Sick Pay

We understand that many Agency workers are rightly concerned about contracting COVID-19 and not being able to work, and receiving little or no imcome.

Thats why we have setup our Pandemic Sick Pay scheme, which will pay you your average weekly wage for up to 2 weeks in the event you contract this (or any future pandemic) virus as a result of working in a ward or service with an active case.

The only requirement is you adhere to our and the hirer’s infection control and PPE policy.

COVID-19 Agency Staff