About This Job

The role of Agency Care Worker is to support the delivery of quality and person-centred care to people with a variety of needs such as mental health disorders, learning or physical disabilities and to the elderly.

You will work with multi-disciplinary teams under the direction of permanent members of staff to support individuals in care with their daily lives.

This will include protecting their human rights, providing choice, limiting as far as possible restrictions and encouraging independence.


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Main roles & responsibilities

Assist permanent staff with the implementation of individual care plans undertaking routine tasks and activities as directed to facilitate the well-being, dignity and treatment of all people in care.

Provide practical support and responsive care to those who require assistance with intimate personal needs such as dressing, bathing and toileting activities ensuring that such activities comply with procedures and the relevant legislation.

Observe and monitor the well-being of people in care, ensuring that any unusual physical, mental or emotional occurrences are promptly referred to permanent staff and are documented as appropriate.

Provide specific interventions as delegated by the appropriate person on shift, and following training and competency requirements. Such interventions include Observation and Engagement, escorting leave, and being involved in de-escalation and management of violence and aggression.

Contribute to a team approach to care in conjunction with all members of the team on shift.